Do you track what you eat?

No I don’t count calories or restrict myself. I listen to my body, eat when I’m hungry and don’t over indulge myself when I’m full. I use to have a bad relationship with food at one point starving myself or over eating way too much food. Being mostly vegan has helped me find balance in not only my eating habits but my whole state of mind. Fruit and vegetables is what the body craves. I never get that feeling of regret when I eat vegan. Which I use to feel all the time when I wasn’t vegan. I would feel guiltily after everything I ate. I knew all the food I was eating wasn’t good for me ( never made me feel good) and I knew it was gonna make me fat but I kept eating it cause it was yummy and I didn’t know any better. I wanted a change. I wanted to help my body out. So I watched some documentaries on Netflix and freelee the banana girl on YouTube and noticed how I was eating was also affecting the planet and animals lives. The moral of the story is It’s not about counting calories it’s about putting the right calories in. Food from the earth. Not greasy pizza or fried chicken or whatever it is you like that’s unhealthy.